Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ – Episode 1


This here is a long-awaited adaptation of a Key visual novel that was originally released in 2004, that received a boost in recognition thanks to the international release and translation on Steam in 2014. If you don’t know who Key are, I could instantly catch you up on that with three words: Air, Kanon and Clannad. Hugely popular VNs which have all received anime adaptations, the latter two by Kyoto Animation. The Key name has become somewhat synonymous with a writer called Jun Maeda (Charlotte, Angel Beats!), however it is important to point out that he was not involved in the source material of either this, or the currently airing Rewrite adaptation.

The staff on this are pretty interesting, coming from “the Jojo studio” also known as David Production, Planetarian is directed by the main director behind all of the recent Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure TV adaptations, including the currently airing Diamond is Unbreakable. Special mention must be given to the Art Director on Planetarian, that is Takeda Yuusuke, who has worked as the vision behind such beautiful series as Gankutsuou, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Uchouten Kazoku.

Right, now lets dive into the episode to see exactly what these talented people have put on display!

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Hibike! Euphonium: Episode 12

Every new episode is a surprise. Euphonium’s penultimate showing is as on-point as ever on the narrative front, but it even manages to outdo its prior self with the aesthetic production. This episode was an exercise in audiovisual acuity. In prior episodics, while there was a focus on visuals, I talked a lot about the writing. I feel what I said about episode 11 in particular informs a lot of what goes on in this episode. For that reason, I’ll be mainly taking the route of a visual breakdown this week, but pausing to elucidate some of the key points.

Hibike! Euphonium Anime Episode 12 Review

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Hibike! Euphonium: Episode 11

There are only 3 episodes of Euphonium left. How on earth can I survive without this show?

Not only does it consistently further its compelling dramatic and thematic arcs while emotional stakes rise at a steady pace, but it continually delivers on the visual side of things too. Every episode is aesthetically impressive and inventive, rewarding us with great shots and sequences time and time again.

Hibike! Euphonium Anime Episode 11 Review

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