What Makes Love Live! Sunshine!! Work So Well?

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 4 Anime Review, Chika-chan Idols are good, well written

Love Live! Sunshine!! is one of the best shows airing this season, but what makes it click so well with so many people?

Aozora Jumping Heart by Aquors

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12 Days of Anime – My Anime Loot

Okay, I’ll own up and admit to it: my attempt at 12 Years of Anime this time around has more or less been a flop, with only four total posts out of the designated twelve. However, I thought I would at least put out something appropriate since it is¬†Christmas Day…

Don’t worry, I will definitely continue my travel posts, which will include more detail about Akiba as a location specifically.

As you may know, from my two previous Zael in Japan posts, I was in Tokyo, which also means I was in Akihabara, and therefore, I ended up picking up a whole load of anime merchandise. Since Christmas is the time we open up and enjoy our presents, I thought I would share my budding anime loot collection, which in truth has only been in existence for a few months, starting with the MCM Comic Con back in October.


I hope you enjoy reading about and looking at my merchandise pictures, I’ll be updating over the next few days, as otherwise this would get incredibly long to read in one sitting..


  1. Miscellaneous goods
  2. Art books
  3. DVDs, Blu Rays and Music
  4. Figures and Gunpla

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