What Makes Love Live! Sunshine!! Work So Well?

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 4 Anime Review, Chika-chan Idols are good, well written

Love Live! Sunshine!! is one of the best shows airing this season, but what makes it click so well with so many people?

Aozora Jumping Heart by Aquors

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My Anime Loot – Figures and Gunpla

So, for the final part of the loot posts, I’ll be covering those coveted pieces of plastic that we call figures. Both of the Gundam Plastic Model (Gunpla) variety, and the regular variety.

The above picture, of the 1/1 scale Gundam statue, was taken in Odaiba in Tokyo, an artificial island connected to the mainland via the Rainbow Bridge, which contains many shopping centres, including what is called the Gundam Front.


So, that’s where I ended up buying some of the Gunpla. What about the figures? Well, most of them were purchased in Akihabara, in Mandarake and other stores, and also a few were acquired in China in a shopping centre that had a floor dedicated to anime-related goods.



  1. Miscellaneous goods
  2. Art books
  3. DVDs, Blu Rays and Music
  4. Figures and Gunpla

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