(Note: I don’t like to take number ratings too seriously or get overly nitpicky about them. That being said, I still maintain that they are a useful way for one to imply their general intention towards a title, however vague that may be. They aren’t intended to be “objective” or replace the need for elaboration on ones thoughts, but they do provide quick information to others. I like to spread my ratings more evenly across the board, so I don’t want people thinking that I actually dislike titles that I give a 5, for example.)

  • The only negative scores in my rating system are those between 1 and 3.
  • 7 and up are shows I consider highly recommendable and are well worth your time.
  • The scores aren’t set in stone, I often change my ratings as watching something new can affect my perception of some series relative to others.

To clarify on what I mean when I give a show a certain score, these are my rough outlines:

1 – Disgraceful: Represents the worst that anime has to offer.

2 – Awful: Complete lack of inspiration or originality, also marred by sloppy execution. A regrettable waste of time.

3 – Lacking: Has potential in some areas, however any strengths it may show are overshadowed by major flaws.

4 – Tolerable: Does just enough to not cause me to dislike it, but is otherwise unremarkable. Watchable, but not much would be lost by dropping these titles.

5 – Average: More typical material, that while not being completely inept, doesn’t manage to impress me much. Can also be used for volatile anime with a collision of many good and bad elements.

6 – Respectable: Above average titles that are at least attempting something interesting or memorable. Usually hamstrung by flaws, they partially succeed and break the realm of mediocrity.

7 – Good: Titles that are largely successful in their main goal but may falter in other areas or do not completely satisfy.

8 – Great: Ambitious and thoroughly impressive works that demonstrate the strengths of their medium.

9 – Superb: As above, in addition to containing themes or characters that I highly resonate with, making these personal favourites.

10 – Masterpiece: When a work succeeds in aspirations I consider of personal and universal importance. These are all unique, vivid and utterly intense experiences.