Reflections on… The Idolm@ster – Performance and Potential

The iDOLM@STER franchise originally started as a series of video games, back in 2007 it received an anime with a complete re-imagining of the characters as mecha pilots, in the form of Idolm@ster Xenoglossia. However I’m here to talk about A-1 Pictures more direct adaptation of the game, with which the minds of Gainax’s Nishigori Atsushi and Kyoto Animation’s Takao Noriko brought something special to the series as it returned to television once more in 2011.

This post is not really going to take the place of a formal review or analysis, but more of a space for me to cover both what I found interesting and noteworthy about The Idolmaster, and also what I felt were some key issues that hampered the series. While it serves to organise my own disparate thoughts on this series, I know there’s some of you out there who are also very keen to know what I feel about this beloved title. Without further ado, let’s get RE@DY, and also L@DY to talk about some idols!


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ERASED / Boku dake ga Inai Machi – A reason to believe

This post is intended to cover the show as a whole up till the halfway point, building upon what I’ve written regarding episodes one and two. This latest episode provided the pieces I needed to properly map out the threads I was gesturing at in the previous write-ups. I hope you’ll enjoy reading. Keep in mind that this means there will be spoilers for the latest episode, 6.


Erased / Boku Dake no Inai Machi Episode 6 Anime Review

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