12 Days of Anime – My Anime Loot

Okay, I’ll own up and admit to it: my attempt at 12 Years of Anime this time around has more or less been a flop, with only four total posts out of the designated twelve. However, I thought I would at least put out something appropriate since it is Christmas Day…

Don’t worry, I will definitely continue my travel posts, which will include more detail about Akiba as a location specifically.

As you may know, from my two previous Zael in Japan posts, I was in Tokyo, which also means I was in Akihabara, and therefore, I ended up picking up a whole load of anime merchandise. Since Christmas is the time we open up and enjoy our presents, I thought I would share my budding anime loot collection, which in truth has only been in existence for a few months, starting with the MCM Comic Con back in October.


I hope you enjoy reading about and looking at my merchandise pictures, I’ll be updating over the next few days, as otherwise this would get incredibly long to read in one sitting..


  1. Miscellaneous goods
  2. Art books
  3. DVDs, Blu Rays and Music
  4. Figures and Gunpla

Miscellaneous goods

Tokyo Ghoul Wallscroll and Poster

Bought at MCM London for £15. It’s a lovely piece of fanart I had actually seen prior to this, and at one point have used as my avatar/banner, I think some of you will recognise it!

Bought at Hyper Japan convention for <£5, as it’s just a simple paper poster. You can probably tell that I really like Tohka with her “wings” drawn, I think it makes for a striking image.

K-ON! Movie poster

Bought at Akiba Mandarake for 1000 Yen (~£5). It was somewhat of a pain to transport this, because this is actually quite a huge poster, its width is about 150cm. Where I’ve hung it on the wall is pretty much a perfect spot, as it fits snugly and looks great.

Love Live! The School Idol Movie Poster

A free gift received at the UK screening of the Love Live! movie at MCM. This was such a fun movie to watch with a bunch of friends, so it holds extra value as a memento of that event.

Madoka Magica cloths

Bought at Animate in Akiba, 400Yen each. They are the kind of velvet cloth that you use for wiping your glasses, but I love how they look. Yeah, Sayaka is missing, because hers was out of stock, but I’m sure I can order over the internet to complete the set.

Bakemonogatari file

Cute little picture of Gahara teasing Hanekawa, also bought at Animate, can’t remember how much.


Badges bought at the TV Asahi store on Tokyo Character Street, yes, Iori is my favourite Imas.
Ritsu is my favourite Keion, and I wanted some merch of hers, but the T-Shirt of her was too expensive, and the only badges were Azusa Birthday ones (11.11 – right when I was over there!). Not that I’m complaining, all Keions are good Keions.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Playing Cards

One of the more strange things I found, these card packs were on sale in some souvenir shop at the Summer Palace in Beijing, they were going for 10 Yuan (£1) each, so I grabbed the NGE one. I don’t know how much I was expecting from this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Take a look below at the sheer range of themed card packs they had for selection!

I was really quite impressed with the detailed lineart on each and every card, all unique in design.


If you want to see a specific card in more detail, please comment below and I’ll take a picture for you!

Tokyo Skytree Evangelion

There is a whole load of strange Evangelion trinkets that serve all sorts of purposes, while a simple pen can’t really hold a candle to them (I’m sure there’s Eva candles!) I like this one for being specific to the Skytree store. Also, while not anime-related, check out this sweet Tokyo Skytree model I got!

Yeah, it lights up and is of a fairly decent size. It can also change colours and all that cool jazz.

And that’s it for the misc goods section, the next parts will be on the subsequent pages (to be updated!), enjoy!


3 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime – My Anime Loot

      1. I figured taking a picture of each card separately would too much of a hassle, so I thought why not take a picture of 16 cards together (hence 4 rows x 4 columns) like the third one, but less blurry.


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