12 Days of Anime – When Symphogear set the shores of AniTwitter ablaze / Zael in Japan p2


Hello again everyone. Due to a variety of factors I’m sorry that days 4 and 5 were skipped. That’s not a good enough reason to bow completely out of 12 Days of Anime, so let’s just pretend it never happened and continue from day 6, which corresponds to June.

(Next part of the Japan travel stories on page 2.)

In the weeks leading up to the airing of a third season to a certain lesser-known show, some corners of my feed were abuzz with talk about this.. this thing, called “Symphogear”.

i.imgur.com Vs3lB0y

I initially just thought it was the standard sort of anticipation that happens whenever a sequel of a show I haven’t seen comes around. Though quickly, the talk and tone around this show escalated farther and farther beyond what could just be considered as existing fans conducting re-watches, as more and more people decided to jump onto this wild ride.

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 04 [BD 720p AAC] [0B98A32A].mkv_snapshot_12.45_[2015.08.06_22.07.13]
Yes, Kazanari Tsubasa is the best Symphogear without a doubt.
To put it simply, Symphogear is a show so unabashedly camp and insane that out-of-context screencaps of it  are sure to become memetic and spread like wildfire.

Between funny segments of dialogue like this…

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 07 [BD 720p AAC] [AABD4236].mkv_snapshot_04.15_[2015.08.08_22.26.25]

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear G - 01 [BD 720p AAC] [8FEABEA9].mkv_snapshot_06.00_[2015.09.02_21.15.10]

to awesomely beautiful freeze-frame moments with attack names like this…

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear G - 10 [44B7E763].mkv_snapshot_03.31_[2015.09.19_18.21.06]

or just the handsomely alluring face of the trustworthy Dr. Vers…

Symphogear became this sort of hilarious in-joke, that anyone looking in from the outside would definitely want to watch themselves and enjoy the insanity.

While I was slightly late on the train, starting my marathon after the 3rd season, Symphogear GX, had started airing, I was pleasantly surprised, and overjoyed to have found a new favourite show out of the whole affair.

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear G - 07 [DB358B29].mkv_snapshot_14.31_[2015.09.19_17.02.14]


To be frank, I was expecting Symphogear to just be some funny-bad trainwreck that I could enjoy ironically while shit-tweeting about it. That would have been fine, and I did get some of that kind of appeal out of it, but after experiencing it myself I ended up thinking that while Symphogear sure might be funny, it definitely was not bad.

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 03 [ACDC889A].mkv_snapshot_11.19_[2015.12.20_01.08.46]

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 03 [ACDC889A].mkv_snapshot_11.25_[2015.12.20_01.09.05]
You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that any piece of media that features an impromptu launch into song and dance about beef stroganoff is bad.

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime – When Symphogear set the shores of AniTwitter ablaze / Zael in Japan p2

  1. For me, June was the month when Eupho kicked into high gear.
    And the online fans lost their collective minds over it.
    That being said, I’m really intruiged by your travel stories and pictures.
    By the way, were you able to try out your 日本語 with the natives?


    1. A little bit. But it wasn’t anything too special or intensive than the general things like hello/goodbye/thank you.

      I’m sure I could say more than that, but I’m too shy in the first place, regardless of language, and the ability to formulate sentences under such a condition would make things even harder for me…


  2. Still unbelievably frustrated that this didn’t work for me. I wanted to like it but there was always something I couldn’t identify stopping me.


    1. I can understand feeling left out of the craze, but truly, there’s an endless variety of factors that decide what we like, even subconsciously. So, I don’t think you should feel frustrated that you didn’t end up liking something, especially a show with such a peculiar flavour as Symphogear.


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